The Race Conscious Dialogues are designed for people who are white to deepen their awareness of identity, power and privilege, then develop tools for anti-racism work. The series consists of 4 sessions, 3 hours each, that meet in space donated by Academia in Oak Park, IL.  Each session is preceded with light readings to be done at home and will be facilitated in partnership with the Nova Collective.

All discussions, readings and activities are framed around unpacking and understanding Whiteness - our own racial identities, the historical and current harm being caused by Whiteness and guided discovery of what we can do to disrupt racism and dismantle White supremacy. This personal work informs authentic allyship and cannot be 'skipped' as we push to eradicate interpersonal and systemic racism.

Together, we are creating a brave and supportive space to show up, have honest conversation, and do hard work together.